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Our Mission

The Central Valley Fresno Chapter of Blacks In Government (BIG) is committed to serving our members and the community.  We encourage our members to actively participate in the decision-making process and to treat their activism as an opportunity for self-development.

BIG is committed to supporting the goals of equality, excellence and opportunity by building a membership base that reflects every level of government: local, state and federal.




BIG Stated Goals Are:

1) To be an advocate of equal opportunity. 


2) To eliminate practices of racism and racial discrimination. 


3) To promote professionalism. 


4) To develop and promote programs which will enhance ethnic pride and educational opportunities. 


5) To establish a mechanism for the gathering and dissemination of information. 


6) To provide a nonpartisan platform on major issues of local, regional and national significance.

Fighting the Good Fight - Affirmative Employment Team!

BIG Region IX  Affirmative Employment Team's mission is to provide members substantive information of EEO complaints/grievances processes.  The intent is to enhance our members awareness and understanding of the EEO complaint and grievance processes, and the preparation and presentation of information.  We do not serve as representatives, Counselors or Attorneys, Members shall utilize the Affirmative Employment Team as a resource and not a replacement for legal representation.  We disclaim any liability related to our service.  


Vision - Our vision is to be an advisory resource, providing current information to assist our membership in making informed decisions regarding issues in the area of Affirmative Employment, Human Relations or Union Grievances.


Membership in BIG can help you:

  • Fight Racism and Discrimination

  • Realize your Career Goals

  • Make a contribution to your community

  • Make a Difference

Think BIG!Join Today!

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