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Blacks In Government


April 2002
Vol. 1 Issue 2



 BIG…is on the Internet

We have a great new web site Visit the site and stay up to date with what is going on in the organization. If your agency has any special items that you would like to have posted such as job announcements, EEO calendar of events, special seminars or training. Send this information to the webmaster at


 Vacant Committees


 Public Service Announcements

Roslyn Brooks and Cosynthia Snowden are preparing to take the CPA exam. Much success ladies….

Let’s remember our air national guard members during this time, Lt. Colonel Mary Jay Kight and (rank?) Ozena Floyd ***see Pam



 Thirteenth Annual Training Workshop

Special Guest: Judge Greg Mathis.

Location: Sacramento, California

Dates: Friday May 17,2002